Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

I am very pleased to announce that South Muskoka has arranged pre-authorized payment options for you, our members.

South Muskoka’s pre-authorized payment plan is a simple, convenient, no fee method of paying your annual dues over a 6 month period of time/or one-time payment, commencing November 15th, 2016

How does the pre-authorize payment plan work?

  • For those members who would like to start contributing to next years annual dues
  • Automatic debit for a specific dollar amount that you determine
  • Save Money. No postage or service charges
  • Save Time. No more writing cheques or trips to the bank
  • Save Worry. Forget about cheques that get delayed in the mail or missing your payment due date

How to register:

  • Download a printable paper copy of the PAD plan agreement form.  You will need to complete the form and return a signed copy back to the Club.

As the Club looks for ways to lessen its expenses we are encouraging our members to remit their annual dues through methods of cheque or debit.  Members who still wish to remit their dues using a credit card a 3.5% administration fee will apply moving forward.

Please feel free to contact either Mark or Teresa in the office for any questions you may have.