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1)  Members click Members View Menu/Order and enter login information. Guest click View Menu/Order.

2)  Choose your items from the menu. You will be given the options to add toppings, add sides, or give special instructions.

3)  Once you are happy with your order, click View Order. On this page you can view, edit, or remove items from your order. If everything looks correct, click Checkout.

4)  At the bottom of the page, choose your preferred pick-up location from the drop-down menu. Next, choose what hole you’re on from the second drop-down menu.

5)  To pay online, enter your credit card details, name, and email and then click Pay Now. To pay on delivery select it from the drop-down menu and enter your name and email. You will receive an email with your transaction receipt and order number.

If the window above does not function, please click here.

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